Bailey Seymour

Mobile Developer

Inventive problem solver and accomplished Android Developer with 3+ years of expertise in Kotlin and Java. A proactive learner, staying updated on changing trends and technologies. Demonstrating the capability to navigate challenges with perseverance and collaborate effectively within teams, resulting in a consistent track record of successfully developing and deploying user-centric solutions.

Featured Projects


Multi-steep timer designed for loose leaf tea brewing with custom presets.


An AirBnB like app for booking and listing meeting spaces.


Share and receive digital cards via sound from and with others including social media profiles, contact info, and links to resources.


Independent Mobile Developer

Jan 2020 - Present

  • Designed and implemented innovative Android applications utilizing Kotlin, showcasing strong UI/UX skills and knowledge of Material Design to successfully release multiple apps in the Google Play Store.
  • Spearheaded end-to-end app development lifecycle, from requirements analysis and architecture design to coding, testing, and deployment, ensuring timely project completion and reducing development cycles by 15%.
  • Implemented thorough unit testing utilizing JUnit, increasing code coverage and minimizing post-release bugs reports by 35%.
  • Actively maintained an updated awareness of Android development trends and emerging technologies, integrating Kotlin Coroutines and Jetpack components to modernize legacy codebase, resulting in a 30% reduction in code complexity and enhanced maintainability.
  • Applied effective Agile methodologies in project management, facilitating iterative development and swift adaptation to changing project requirements.
  • Established a strong foundation in Flutter development and declarative programming, fostering an in-depth understanding of cross-platform app development and enhancing technological adaptability.

Full Sail University

May 2019
Bachelor of Science, Mobile Development

  • Cumulative GPA: 3.99, Valedictorian
  • Advanced Achievement Award in Mobile Development
  • Course Director’s Awards: Mobile Development Frameworks I, Emerging Interface Design, Project and Portfolio VII, Java II, Mobile Development Frameworks III, Apple Programming Language
  • Specialized real-world curriculum integrated with relevant industry feedback in an engaging hands-on fast-paced immersive environment.
  • Coursework Highlights: Mobile Development Frameworks (iOS & Android), Java I & II, Mobile User Experience, Advanced Interface Design, Integrated Product Development, Advanced Scalable Data Infrastructures, Emerging Interface Design, Database Structures, Interfaces & Usability, Visual Frameworks, Apple Programming Language, Team Collaboration, Creative Presentation

PixelFire Development Team

Jan 2014 - Aug 2017
Founder & Lead Developer

  • Founded PixelFireDev: a collaborative jailbreak iOS dev team specializing in reverse engineering and iOS runtime modifications.
  • Published 12 Cydia Substrate Extensions with over 7.6 million downloads.


Programming Languages
Proficient: Kotlin, Swift, Dart, Java, Objective-C, Familiar: Python, C#, JavaScript, C, HTML, CSS/Sass
Libraries & Frameworks
Jetpack Compose, UIKit, CoreBluetooth, Koin, Dagger, RxJava
Tools & Platforms
Git, Android SDK, iOS SDK, Flutter, macOS, Xcode, Android Studio, Visual Studio Code, watchOS, Shell Scripting (bash/zsh), vim, Linux
Room, MySQL, SQLite, Firebase, CoreData
Design & Prototyping
Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch, Adobe Illustrator
UI & Unit Testing
JUnit, Gitlab CI, Espresso
Project Management
Agile, Trello, ClickUp, Airtable, Notion
MVVM, Reverse Engineering, JSON, YAML, Protocol Buffers, Regex, OAuth, IoT, 3D Printing